Thursday, January 31, 2013

Excuse me, I can see your...

I had the pleasure of going to the Big Day Out in Melbourne over the long weekend. Celebrating Australia Day the only way a Melbournian should, with music, friends, food and lots of dancing. Going to a festival has many pros, I got to see the Killers (they blew my mind), I danced until my legs could not support me any more, I got to scream and shout and eat Dagwood dogs. There are also I feel, far too many cons, which mainly come in the form of what some girls lovingly refer to as 'festival dressing', which could be more aptly named 'festival undressing'.

I need to give a disclaimer here, I am not trying to be mean, but if you choose to wear inappropriate clothes (show me your vagina, nipples, or various other unpleasant body parts because of your ill fitting clothes) you really do leave yourself open to criticism. Read this with a pinch of salt and a little humor.

It was a pleasant 24 degrees, not really denim cut off weather, however, that did not stop the vast majority of girls wearing what would more appropriately be worn to the beach in 30+ weather. There was midriff, shorts that would more suitably be referred to as denim knickers and so much boob. Do girls have no dignity any more? From the ages of 16-20 it seems that the less they can wear the better they think they look. I wonder if these girls have parents, friends or brothers to tell them they look like $2 peep show girls?! I am by no means a prude, I am all for the short skirts and shorts. However there is a line, that line is passed when I can see your vagina. If I can tell what type of wax you get it is probably far too short! Daisy Duke has a lot to answer for!

My eyes were bombarded the entire day with girls wearing clothes that were ill-fitting, tight in all the wrong spots and had fabric screaming everywhere. I choose to go to a festival to see awesome bands, I did not sign up to see practically naked teenagers. If you have a sister, friend, girlfriend or daughter please do them the service of informing them that the world does not need to see what they had for breakfast. It's nice to leave somethings to the imagination, yeah you might have an amazing body, but I don't care for seeing EVERYTHING you have on offer! See below:

 If I can see your butt cheek, I can see too much
If I can tell what kind of wax you get, it's too short!!
 As above... This one I was unsure if she even had pants on, from this angle probably not, and she gets a Brazilian
 Not a girl but serious fashion faux pa
See butt cheek comment above

Yeah you have a nice bum, but some clothes on, pants wont kill you!

Apart from the excessive butt cheek on display, as always BDO delivered. Such an amazing day, The Killers blew my mind, they were better than I could of ever hoped! I have been to 5 BDO's and I think I can safely say that The Killers set was the best set I have ever seen there. I was a little disappointed with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, such epic bands but they failed to really get the crowd involved. All in all a great day, I danced so much that I was still sore on Monday that's a good sign! Until next year BDO I'll just reminisce on all the memories.

My Biddies
Mr. Burger, the best burger I think I have EVER had!
Brandon Flowers, Marry Me?!
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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