Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From Paris with Love.

Paris has just seen Spring 2013 Couture Fashion Week, alas as I am a mere mortal I doubt I will ever be able to see the Couture shows. So thank you to the tech gods for Instagram and I have been vicariously living through the Instagram's of all the fashion editors and bloggers seeing the goings on of all the Couture shows.
As much fun as it is seeing what the designers have creatively put together, dresses I couldn't even dream of being able to afford. As with all the shows, what goes on outside is just as exciting as what goes on inside. With Europe experiencing a major cold front over the last few weeks I can imagine that can cause quite the challenge. How does one look stylist under 50+ layers?! Well as you can see below, there are some rather well dressed people rocking out the layers in wonderful form. There are beautiful jackets, fur hoods and lined coats, fluffy gloves and hats, man style three piece suits and much more that can be seen here at
The below are my pick, I had to cull most of them as the majority were Miroslava Duma, what can I say she just does things to me! Her style is beyond! I will be taking ques from the fash pack when it comes to winter this year, that fur hood...I want one! It's just a shame it really doesn't get fur cold in Melbourne.

All photos from by Tommy Ton

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