Friday, April 27, 2012

All Aflutter

Publication: Bon Magazine
Issue: #60 Spring/Summer 2012
Title: All Aflutter
Model: Theres Alexandersson
Camilla Akrans
Styling: Jonas Hallberg

Such a beautiful amazing use of coloured hair. So simple, yet so striking. And the styling, LOVE.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour
Photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth
Styled by Leith Clark

Lula is any girls dream, it is a whimsical adventure in fashion. Full of inspiring and captivating editorials, interviews with inspiring and captivating women, all in all a little escape from reality. Full of colour, sparkle, flowers and beautiful photographs it is quite easy to get all caught up in Lula. The above editorial is from their current issue #14. They call them selves a magazine but I would refer to Lula as a book, released twice a year and on average 200 + pages. Lula for me is something I cherish and on those days when I feel like I need some inspiration I pull all my issues from my book shelf and waste an afternoon dreaming of technicoloured fashion stories.

My advice, indulge in at least one copy of Lula and you will never regret it.

Get Lula HERE

Friday, April 20, 2012

CHANEL: My New Friend Boy

Chanel has released the much-anticipated mini film, "My New Friend Boy," shot by Karl Lagerfeld during the Boy Chanel ad campaign with Alice Dellal. King Karl does a beautiful mini film, like his Cruise 2012 | The Tale of a Fairy and  Remember Now Chanel.

The collection 'boy' can be viewed here.

A little controversy...

Fashion really does love to push the boundaries of what society classes as 'appropriate' and 'acceptable'. At uni in my Media and Communication class we were looking at controversial advertising, and it struck me that every 'contreversal' ad that I could recall was related to a fashion campaign of some sort. And every 'contreversal' ad that I could remember made it in to the news and most of them ended up being banned. Not before they made their mark on society. It is clever when you think about it, make an ad that upsets some significant social group, have them confront you to take it down and get so much more press and media coverage than you would of ever gotten with a nice 'safe' ad.

I mean seriously, haven't all the parenting groups, religious groups, wrap society in cotton wool groups realised what the fashion labels are doing? I understand that many things are seen as taboo, I don't condone the sexualisation of children, harming others or ridiculing people for the sale of a product. But if you cant stop companies advertising in a contreversal way.

It is quite an interesting issue, I guess it intrigues me as it is mainly fashion companies who are pushing the boundaries of what society sees as 'acceptable' in regards to advertising.

Sisley: Fashion Junkie

Sisley: Shot by Terry Richardson

Marc Jacobs Lola featuring17yr old  Dakota Fanning: Banned for being too 'suggestive' 

United Colours of Beneton 'We On Death Row' shot by Oliviero Toscani : Benetton sued

Miu Miu Featuring 14 yr old Hailee Steinfeld: Banned for being dangerous, suggesting danger

Calvin Klein: Claims that this ad was too 'sexualised'  and featured an 'orgy'

United Colours of Benetton Priest and Nun: Sparked world wide controversy

Tom Ford: Shot by Terry Richardson

Disclaimer: The above are all MY opinions, I do not mean to offend anyone with what I have written. All photos have been sourced from Google

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Reading

As much as I love trawling the Internet looking at blogs, online magazines and street style photos, you really cant go past a good book or a good magazine. There is something so nice about sitting down with a cup of tea and opening the pages of a new magazine or book, unknowing of what lies beneath the cover. There is a lot of talk these days about print media becoming obsolete, I don't think it ever will... well I hope it never does.

I love just being able to spend time away form technology and immersing myself in a greatly written article or becoming envious over a beautifully styled editorial. These things just don't come across the same way on a computer screen. This way they can be kept and cherished, I am quite protective over my collection of fashion books and magazines. To me they are an investment, long after the trends have faded I still love flicking through the old pages. You don't get this on the Internet, yes you can google older magazines or editorials but its just not the same.

Below are some of the magazines and books I have been flicking through to inspire me.
God I love a good glossy page!


Left to Right: Extreme Beauty In Vogue, Elle UK (March), Russh (April/May), Vogue Australia (May), Another Fashion Book and Carine Roitfeld Irreverent

Extreme Beauty In Vogue: Helmut Newton, 'Measuring for Perfection' 1997 (Left), 'Naked Lunch' 1997 (Right)


Extreme Beauty In Vogue: Phyllis Posnick, Eva Respini, Another Fashion Book: Jefferson Hack

How do you manage to preserve your creativity?

Although I'm very diplomatic, I've learned not to back down when it comes to my own vision. I stay inside a bubble so I can focus on my own creativity and not feel burdened by outside influences or pressure. I don't live in a fairy tale-anything but. But I remain inside my private, insulated space where I find my inspiration and my freedom.

Interview By Olivier Zahm

Carine Roitfeld Irrevrent

Carine Roitfeld Irrevrent: Carine Roitfeld (Left), Mario Testino: Vogue Paris 1995 (Right)

Another Fashion Book: Horst Diekgerdes


Carine Roitfeld Irrevrent: Mario Testino: The Face 1997


Extreme Beauty In Vogue: Irving Penn: Bee on Lips 1995


Extreme Beauty In Vogue: Irving Penn: Chocolate Mouth 2001

Carine Roitfeld Irrevrent: Terry Richardson: Vogue Paris 2004 (Left), Carine Roitfeld response to Sofia Coppola (Right)

Russh: 'Don't think twice it's alright' Nick Dorey, Gillian Wilkins (April/May 2012)

'The journey I've gone through has been from liking clothes in Topshop to trying to understand about actual fashion. Now I know more, I can see the being a designer is a fucking hard slog.' - Alexa Chung

 Elle UK: 'Alexa' Thomas Schenk, Leith Clarke (March 2012)

I love getting lost amongst the pages, wasting time looking at such beautiful pictures, reading interviews, imagining all the pieces in MY wardrobe. There really is nothing better than a good fashion book or magazine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mink Pink Winter '12

MinkPink Winter 2012
Photographer:  She Is Frank

The MinkPink winter 2012 campaign is amazing! Shot buy the amazingly talented She Is Frank. It is a vibrant mix of colours, patterns, sequins and bowling fun. MinkPink is really doing amazing things, they are definitely having a moment. A moment which is benefiting all the wardrobes of those who are in love with fashion but don't necessarily want or can afford to spend ridiculous amounts on such on trend pieces. MinkPink really offers you the best of both worlds, cute, fun on trend pieces with price tags that wont leave us missing out on dinner. A win win really.