Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Call the etiquette police!


There are a few things I get passionate about…actually that's a lie there are a lot of things I get quite passionate about and I probably should arm myself with a list of said topics to hand out to people, so they know what to avoid if they don’t wish to experience me chewing their ears off. One of these topics is that of make-up, more precisely one putting on make-up (not in the privacy of their own home) in public in front of EVERYONE...
Now I am not talking about the sly lippy reapply, or a quick glance in the shop window to check that everything is in place and wiping that little smudge under your eye. I am talking about those girls who feel that it is appropriate, from start to finish, to do all their makeup in the company of a room, train, bus, or airport full of strangers. It wasn’t until I brought this topic up with a group of friends while watching some girl reapply her entire face on the New York subway that I began to notice the epidemic that is public make-up application. You spot one, you spot them all.
One does not clean their teeth on the train, nor should one apply her concealer, foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrows or mascara. I don’t know when it became socially acceptable to do so, it baffles me. It’s like the leggings as pants epidemic that has been sweeping our streets for the past five or so years. It is not ok, leggings are underwear not outer wear, and make-up is to be done in private so the world is fooled in to thinking we wake up in the morning looking this bright and sprightly naturally.
Something needs to be done, women need to unite and stop this from happening. At 8am on my morning commute to work I do not want to watch you with your manky foundation and eye shadow pallet doing your face. Someone call the etiquette police please!
Special thanks to Emma Bergamin Davys for keeping me up to date of these social faux-pas from her side of  the world.

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