Monday, January 7, 2013


‘This is a big year for you, with emphasis on many fronts – money, travel, romance,commitment, health, career and communication. Let’s take each one at a time and see what is in store for you.’

January is my favourite month, the crazy rush of Christmas over, the weather is seriously heating up and its holiday time! Sun, sand, beach, beverages, long hot days and long hot nights throw in some cute summer dresses and sandals and you have it made. Unfortunately holidays are winding up, but luckily January also offers a few long weekends and with the added bonus of being at uni and being able to take the odd day or two off I get to stretch it out a little longer.  
As well as being time for holidays January is also exciting,as the end of a year roles on and the beginning of something exciting and new comes forward. It brings a time for making plans and setting goals, deciding what we want to do and where we want to be, I can’t wait for 2013, I think it is going to be a ripper. I am setting myself up to do more than ever and I can’twait to get started.
It’s also the time for the yearly horoscopes, my favourite being the ones offered by Russh and Susan Miller. I love reading what someone else thinks your year holds for you (Look I know they are a load of crap but I still enjoy them). This year as well as reading what others think my year holds,I am writing down some things that I hope my year will hold and some things that I would like to achieve. Little personal goals, actual achievable things unlike those bloody New Year’s resolutions. In with the new and out with the old, 2012 see you later. Hello 2013!

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