Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Women who rule the world

There are so many amazing and witty female blogger's out there taking over the world. These women are writing about fashion in a way which blows all fickle fashion stereotypes out of the water. They are clever, interesting and funny women who are writing about fashion, clothes and a lifestyle that many of us aspire to. Their blogs are a little peak in to their fabulous worlds.
I may be ever so slightly obsessed with Garance Dore and The Man Repeller. Traditionally morning reading was the news paper, mine is these two blogs. I cant function in the morning with out my daily dose. Lately those who follow Garance Dore have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak in to the fabulous world of Garance and her fabulous friends through the series she has filmed called 'Pardon My French'. The series follows Garance around during fashion week and gives us glimpses in to her world. They are defiantly worth a watch.
The other blog I cant live without is The Man Repeller. Man repelling fashion at its best. TMR plays such a significant role in my life, I am not sure what I would do with out her. Where else would I have discovered the 'Arm Party', 'Drop Crouch' and the epic art of layering to repel. TMR is funny, refreshing and if you haven't heard of her you have been living under a seriously huge unfashionable rock and should promptly fix this situation with some layering and drop crotch attire.
Try as she might, I will never be repelled by this amazing woman! Let the 'arm parties' and 'drop crotch' rule the world!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I have been lusting after these glitter Miu Miu's ever since they came in to stores last year, really it doesn't get much better than a pair of glitter sneakers!
But as glittery and wonderful as they are, $800 for a pair of sneakers is pushing it. That was not going to stop me from owning a pair, so I figured if I wasn't prepared to part with the money I would get my D.I.Y on and make my own.
Hello google, where I stumbled across this blog Honestly WTF and the dream of glittery sneakers soon became a reality.
I swapped the Vans for a pair of Converse, as they are my sneaker of choice...5 pairs, obsessed? The tutorial on Honestly WTF is really good, easy to follow and the final result is amazing. I changed my shoe choice, glitter colour and had to guess my glitter/glue ratio. I used 1/2 a cup of glue and just under 1/2 a cup of glitter. Piling on the layers...8 layers of glue and glitter all up. I struggled a bit trying to get my crystals online, so I went down to my local dance shop and I was like a kid in a lolly store! So many options, colours, sizes and shapes! The final product is amazing, every girl needs some glittery goodness in her life!
The finished product.
D.I.Y glitter Miu Miu inspired Converse
Sass and Bide top
Ksubi shorts
...I miss summer already and its only the end of March

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kate the Great

Vogue US April 2012
Photographer: Tim Walker
Stylist: Grace Coddington
Model: Kate Moss

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Style Crush, Columbine Smille

Some women really know how to just do it when it comes to dressing and style, Columbine Smille NEVER puts an Alexander Wang clad foot wrong. By far hers is one of my favorite blogs, she is one of the consistently best dressed going round.

All images: http://columbine.freshnet.se/
Pure perfection. Serious wardrobe envy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Winter Needs!

If the internet was my wardrobe and I had no budget these are the first things I would buy. I am obsessed with khaki, floral and stripes mix them all together and I lose my shit! Throw in some distressed denim, a wedged sneaker and a nice slice of neon bling and I am all over it like a rash! There is nothing more exciting than the beginning of a new season, when all the new wonderful pieces from designer’s winter collections come in to store and we are lucky enough to get inspiration from New York, Paris and London fashion week for our winter wardrobes.
Winter Needs!

Winter is my favourite season; there is so much fun to be had with layers, patterns, textures and colours. More layers = more clothes and more clothes make me a very happy girl!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

LMFF 2012 L'Oréal Paris Runway 07 presented by Harper's BAZAAR

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival has been and gone, in a buzz of high heels and hair spray. I unfortunately didn't get the opportunity this year to go to more than one show, however I did follow everything on their website and on good old instagram. I spent last Thursday night taking in the sights of Runway #7 Presented by Harper's Bazaar, featuring Alex Perry, Aurelio and Costarella, camilia and marc, Rachel Gilbert, Collette Dinnigan, MATICEVSKI and SCANLAN & THEODORE.
I love the buzz and excitement that always surrounds events such as this, it's not just the what will be walking down the runway that gets me excited. I love the people watching, all the girls and boys dressed to the nines out the front waiting to be snapped by a street style bloggers, all the celebrities and even watching those who are working there running around like crazy people. Then you walk in to the venue, the amazing Central Pier at Docklands, take your seats and wait for the show to begin. The moment the lights go down, the whole venue goes quiet then boom, the music starts and the army of models begin to take down the runway. I get so excited over the music and how it always seems to match the clothes, then the lighting that sets the mood and the models who look so fierce strutting their stuff down the runway.
It was spectacualr, I was shattered that I only got to one show, but it was a damn good show to see.