Monday, November 25, 2013





Some exciting news.

I have some exciting news to share, I have been given the opportunity to write for the wonderful blog, Miss Green's Wardrobe. A blog that focus' on a holistic and sustainable approach to life, covering mind, body, spirit and now fashion.
I will be joining the team as the fashion features writer, you can read my bio here. I will keep you posted on when my first piece is live. I recommend checking out the blog, with writers covering positive psychology, holistic health and lots of fun, delicious and good for you bits in-between! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Some lovely treasures I am currently obsessing over.
Elle Australia, filling a void I didn't even know existed.
No room for a garden, so a little windowsill cactus brightens up my day.
Move over Lucas Paw Paw, hello Kit Multipurpose Wonder Balm.
The name says it all, it does wonders for chapped lips, dry cuticles,
insect bites and it smells divine.
You know it's close to summer when the Jellies come out.
Loving my new Jelly Beans animal print!
Words don't even begin to explain my love for these babies.
I know its a little early for Christmas treats already but ill let that slide
for these! Yum in my tum!

Mangos, its been so long, I'm glad were back together.
So juicy and delicious!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Seeking Love, Finding Overalls


Those of you who visit my blog regularly will be aware of my love for the one and only Man Repeller, Leandra Medine. I think she is wonderful, I think her writing is wonderful and I think her take and attitude towards fashion is wonderful. Also, considering she didn’t run away calling for help, when I overenthusiastically came running across the street to say hello while wandering the Meatpacking District in New York, I think she has a wonderful relationship with her fans. Over excited or not.

When Medine first announced she was writing a book to be released this year I was over the moon. I was excited to take a piece of the Man Repeller and keep her in my life forever. Since first stumbling upon Man Repeller a few years ago I was hooked, my constant go to blog for fashion, but mainly for Medine’s refreshing, witty and humorous writing.

As a budding writer myself, I have taken a lot from her style of writing. She is personable without revealing too much, she is honest without being too harsh, and she is humorous and willing to poke fun at herself.  There are not a lot of people out there that manage to get that balance right. But my does she smash it! (Well I think so personally and if you have an issue with that it’s your loss because you have no idea what you’re missing out on, she is amazing!)

So the book, ‘SeekingLove. Finding Overalls.’ It was a long and tedious, three week wait for it to be delivered to my door. After some hiccups with the post office and one particularly incompetent postie I finally had the highly anticipated book in my hot little hand.

It took me five days, five highly enjoyable days to finish. I am generally a fast reader, but when you factor in that I was working those five days, it was a massive effort to finish it so fast. That said it was hard not to want to read it in one sitting. I was devastated when the last chapter came around. Funny, honest, open, witty, enjoyable and highly relatable, I loved every sentence Medine wrote.

Medine has written on what I assume are some of the most significant moments in her life, from her first love giving her “cooties”, to her first kiss, “my first kiss was with a boy who had seamen issues at a club called cream”. To her being told that the reason she was so hopeless with love was because of her clothes and nothing else.

I could relate to her stories, as she wrote about things all girls have gone through, weight issues, love, loss, falling in love with handbags and accessories, deciding a pair of shoes are more important than food. So on and so forth.

The chapter that I loved the most was “The Peplum”, which was written about her engagement to the one boy who loved her enough to see past her man repelling tendencies. From reading her blog I had seen the post on her engagement when she announced it to her readers, I was so excited for her. But I was totally unaware of the barrage of negative feedback she received after sharing such happy news.

As Medine does refrain from sharing too many personal and intimate details about her life, so this was a big moment. To read that she had received negative and hateful feedback after sharing some of the happiest news one could share was upsetting. However for her to be so open about it and writing it in her book, calling those who hated on her 'assholes', goes to show her refreshing and humorous take on writing about her life.

I have always been a fan of Medine and always will be. Regardless of whether you are familiar with Man Repeller or not, I highly recommend giving her a book some time. It will leave you smiling and also remind you that there are many out there that have experienced the same awkward moments in life as you and I both have.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This always happens...

This always happens, life gets busy and I get neglectful.

I always try to find time to write, but it’s sometimes not just about timing it’s about inspiration or lack thereof.  Also, perhaps lack of brain capacity to think of anything other than uni assignments and work.

I have finished up for the year with uni (well in a full time capacity anyway, my idea of a lazy and easy summer is two units rather than four) my last exam was two weeks ago and I have just received all my results, yay for passing and a massive sigh of relief.

I always find at times like these bring a little reflection, another trimester finished only three more to go, one step closer to finishing and my dream of becoming a journalist. This time last year I was packing for a trip to New York, a trip that was an excuse for me to run away from some things in life that I was not happy with. When I look back to the person I was then, that person is vastly different to who I am now.

It’s quite overwhelming how much can change in 12 potentially insignificant months. This time last year I was utterly heart broken, my trust had been shattered along with my confidence. It’s not something I speak much about, however when I look back now I am so happy with how far I have come.

What may seem insignificant for some people are leaps and bounds for myself. I have found a happiness that I didn’t know existed and I am so excited that I have managed to find this happiness on my own. As soppy and sappy as that sounds, it’s amazing for me. I just hope that while life is bound to throw me more curve balls that I can remember that I am able to come out the other end a better, happier and stronger person.

Anyway this is really not all that interesting for most just a little reflection for myself.