Thursday, February 7, 2013

Read me.

I have always been fascinated with psychics and the like, I find the idea of people being able to read you so intriguing. However, as intriguing as it all is, it scares the absolute shit out of me! I know things like fortune telling, palm reading and tarot cards all need to be taken with a grain of salt, a little caution and scepticism. Still the thought of having a stranger read my fortune has always frightened me. Last night I faced that fear, with some of my girlfriends and sat before a tarot card reader.
It was intriguing, insightful, I was a little bit doubtful of some aspects. But over all, this woman who I had never met before managed to tell me things that only a few select people know about me with in 2 minutes of sitting down, without me saying a single word. She didn’t delve in to ground breaking future predictions, she did however manage to pick up on all the main things that have been on my mind lately. Worries about my career, about going in the right direction, about being good enough and smart enough to tackle the things I aspire to, she nailed all those worries right on the head.  While I was yet to mutter more than a hello to her, it was weird, I was wondering whether she had been chatting to my mum.
She was off on a few points, the relationship aspects were funny. Apparently I have a boyfriend, well lady that is news to me! And I am in love…not sure where this mysterious boy is hiding but he sure as hell is not hanging out with me. I was also told to be cautions as I could fall pregnant in the next 9 months, so boys, just a heads up if you don’t want to be my babies’ daddy stay far, far, far away! I am also supposed to meet the man I will spend the rest of my life with very, VERY soon. She had a VERY strong influence on the VERY part. Again boys, if you don’t fancy being stuck with me for ever, I would stay away for the next 6-12 months. Now I will be over analysing every male I meet as prospective husband/baby daddy material…oh god!
It wasn’t these aspects that drew me in, it was when she started telling me about aspects of my personality that I really began to pay attention. She knew about the little insecurities I have, about the things I felt I needed to change, about the things that had been changing. Things that I don’t think are possible to read from someone’s body language. I was not giving her a whole lot, trust me! All she was getting was a yep here and a yep there, how the hell did this woman know so much about me?! She also told me that there would be travel in the future, yes please, I do home so! I was also told that apparently, I have lots of angles watching over me and am one of the most blest people she has read in a long time. Yep, I am ok with that!
So all in all there was nothing to be scared about, nothing bad and nothing overly ground breaking.  However, it was a bit eye opening, it has given me some things to think about, but it won’t make me change anything I am doing or plan to do. It has intrigued me, I want to go to someone else now to see if they will tell me similar things. It will also be interesting to see if any of her future predictions come true, as long as it’s not the belly full of arms and legs part…I do not need children any time soon! And if nothing comes true, it was still fun to play with the cards!

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