Sunday, November 11, 2012

New York I Love You...part #2

Day five was ANOTHER full on day, for a few different reasons. In the morning I went to Ground Zero to pay my respects to all of those innocent people who lost their lives on that tragic day back on 9/11/2001 and those who had lost their lives in other terrorist attacks. I felt it was my duty to visit the site, it would be rude and disrespectful to be in the city where it occurred and not take some time out of my day to remember those. It was a sobering experience, the memorial at Ground Zero is beautiful. The US government has done a wonderful job, transforming a space where so many people experienced pain in to a tranquil resting place. Kate and myself were both humbled and moved by our visit, we both knew what happened but its not until you are there, reading all of the names of those who lost their lives that you suddenly realise the effect and impact that this event had on so many lives. To all those who lost loved ones and to all those who lost their lives may they forever rest in peace in a place where conflict and power does not exist to bring pain and suffering.

 Ground Zero
I left Ground Zero quite overwhelmed and needed to pick up my spirits, Kate and I headed down to Battery Park to catch a ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty. Another token tourist thing ticked off the list, after waiting in a line for what felt like forever (Americans live their lines!) we finally got on the boat and headed over. She is much smaller than I had imagined! Lots of photos were taken and a disgusting fried lunch was consumed, we explored for a bit then got the boat back. That night the four of us got dressed up for our first proper night on the town. The Box is an interesting place, part bar, part club, part burlesque show, part cabaret, part freak show. This is a place I recommend everyone trying, it is probably not everyone cup of tea but it will be an experience none the less. I'll leave it to you all to go and have a look in to that one.
The boat to Lady Liberty | Lady Liberty | Token Tourists

Day six was a write off, hungover, tired and feeling very sorry for myself, I didn't rise until lunch time. When I did we all headed off to the Meatpacking District for a recovery breakfast, followed by a stroll down the High Line. The High Line is an old converted monorail, it is no longer used and has been turned in to a park/walkway/gallery/cafe spot. The perfect way to spend a day when one is regretting the night before.

 Hangover breakfast | The High Line
My Bebs | The High Line | Sick Street Art

Day seven Kate and I decided to be a little cultured, we began with a visit to The Met...AMAZING! Followed by Hot Dogs and Pretzels for lunch from street vendors and a wander through Central Park to the boat lake. Where we sat and people watched all the passers buy and the kids playing with boats on the lake. It was a really pleasant day, not as jam packed as most had previously been. This was also the day that we found out about the visitor that was on her way to New York...a little hurricane you all may of heard of that went buy the name of Sandy. There was a group of extremely nerdy dad's sitting next to us discussing with great enthusiasm how they were looking forward to the winds coming so they could sail their toy boats... Fully grown men excited to play with toy boats. Fully grown men excited to play with toy boats, who had also just informed us that our grand plans for the next few days were soon to unravel as Sandy was planning to get her windy ass in our way.

Hot dogs on the steps of the Met

Day eight was windy! That was the Sunday before Sandy, she came throwing her weight around on Monday. We stopped off at Duane Reid on our way out to stock up on hurricane supplies, most were buying water, canned food, torches and other useful items...we brought 1kg of Starbursts, chips, chocolate, lollies, one bottle of water each and some other useless crap. We were super well prepared! After our little supply expedition we jumped on the subway and headed down town to Katz's Deli, the one made famous in When Harry met Sally. Where we demolished one of their famous Ruben sandwiches, some GIANT pickles and some Chicken Soup with Motza Balls. Delish! The place was packed, that movie has done great things for them, I have not seen that many people fighting over pastrami sandwiches in my life! Once we left the wind had really begun to pick up, on our way back I experienced the highlight of my trip. As I was waiting for the lights to change on the corner of East Houston and Bowery I spotted the Man Repeller. And like the over excited person I can be I stopped her in the street to have a photo taken with her. God she was so lovely, I hear so many stories of people meeting people they admire and being utterly disappointed. I was not! She was so friendly and chatty, she did not mind me being a bit excited by her and invited the three of us back to her house to eat candy corn while Sandy did her thing. Meeting her totally made my trip! She is as fabulous in real life as she is on her blog!

 The best lunch with the best bebs
Loosing my shit with the Man Repeller

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