Monday, November 19, 2012

4th and Bleeker

There are many blogs that I love, as I am sure you are all aware one of those is the Man Repeller another is 4th and Bleeker. Since discovering 4th and Bleeker by accident about 12 months ago I have fallen in love and become completely obsessed with Alexandra Spencer and her brand of self portraiture.
Is there nothing this woman can not do? Her whimsical and enchanting self portraits, her collaborations with Luv AJ and Harpers Bazaar's Style Network along with her beautiful blog posts. 4th and Bleeker is more than a personal style blog, Alexandra's photographs are beautiful, they are captivating and all tell a story, it's so easy to create a blog with some 'selfies' but 4th and Bleeker goes far beyond that.
This is one woman whose brain I would love to pick about all things fashion, art, and photography...
(Alexandra, if your interested I would love to interview you!)


A few of my favourites from 4th and Bleeker xx

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