Thursday, November 15, 2012

New York I love you, but Sandy you're bringing me down...

Day nine and 10, a write off...found out our flights to LA were cancelled, over 23,000 flights were cancelled thanks to Sandy. Found out the earliest flight we could get out was the following Saturday...5 days after we were originally meant to leave. Realised that Disney Land and sunny LA was not going to happen, after so much excitement, there was not a lot that we could do. We couldn't do a whole lot all Monday, far too windy and dangerous. The bitch came that night, all power went off at 8pm. Our hostel delivered though, they had food for us, beer and a live band. HURRICANE PARTY all the way! The only way to live through a Hurricane is to party all night. We were really fortunate that we were in an area that was fine, we lost power and went with out for 2 days until we moved to an apartment on the Upper West Side. It was a strange two days, we couldn't do a lot, we kept hearing things from our parents about how bad all the damage was but seeing as we had no power we had no access to news. All I knew is that thankfully we were ok, just a little damp and windswept.

Sandy Snacks | Window Fridge | Wet view from our window

Day 11 we moved uptown, thank god someone had somewhere for us to stay with power. Deb's cousin kindly offered the four of us her beautiful apartment. We wandered down to Whole Foods to stock up on delicious treats and spent the remainder of the day eating and doing our washing. Dinner was a trip down Columbus Ave to Shake Shack, where I had the best hamburger and shake that I have ever had in my life. We also did a little star spotting, spotting Macaulay Culkin out to a family dinner at the Indian restaurant just down the street from us. We all got a little excited and my have walked past a few times tying to be super smooth and stealth just to catch a glimpse!

Central Park Closed | Clean up begins | Desperate for Wifi

Day 12 Kate and I ventured down to the MOMA, it took us the entire day to make our way through and I am pretty sure we missed a huge chunk. So much amazing art, my favourite bit was an exhibition on the Quay Brothers. These brothers are famous for their avaunt guard stop-motion animation, slightly dark and eerie. They use puppets and old dolls, freaky creatures created from bits and pieces to make confronting, frightful, enchanting stop-motion films. I had never heard of them before but was enchanted and slightly repulsed by all of their work on display. Once we finally left the MOMA we wandered up to 5th Ave and had ourselves a little retail therapy.

Day 13 our last day was spent having lunch and shopping, because we all really needed to do more shopping! I have brought that many things it is ridiculous! It was a great last day, so sad to be leaving New York and the girls, yet I was ready to head home. New York was so much fun, I am so excited to make my way back there soon, sooner rather than later I hope!


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