Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New York I love you...part #1

Finally home after two jam packed weeks, one hurricane, three days with out power, 64 hours in transit, three time zones, four planes, two buses, multiple yellow cabs and subway trips and what feels like thousands of kilometers walked. New York you were amazing! Two of the most overwhelming and stimulating weeks of my life. Right now I am seriously struggling to keep my eyes open, jet lag is setting in, inevitable, yet still frustrating.

My trip to New York was originally a trip to catch up with a friend I met the last time I was traveling, it turned out to be not only a catch up with an old friend but an opportunity to make new wonderful friendships that I hope will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Where to begin... Day one was spent wandering around Downtown, Soho, Noho, Meatpacking District and Greenwich Village. Exploring Bleecker Street and all the cute shops and cafes that we stumbled across. A trip to the iconic Magnolia Bakery, I hate to say that after the long wait I was disappointed in my cup cake. I think all the hype just gave me too many expectations. We found some craft markets and had lunch in a gorgeous little Italian Pizza place. Visited the Marc by Marc Jacobs store, where the four of us won over the attention and affection of the male sales assistants, leaving the store to a round of applause... that is not something that happens every day! One of the highlights was stumbling on to the set of a scene being shot for Don't trust the B$#@h in Apartment 23, we were shooed away from the cameras but still got to admire James Van Der Beek from afar, reminiscing on the Dawsons Creek days where we were all just a little bit in love with him.

                        Urban Outfitters                                                                    Bleecker Street Soho                                                             Magnolia Bakery
Day two Kate and myself got our token tourist on, first it was Grand Central Station, The State Library, Bryant Park, The Chrysler Building, Times Square, a trip back to our childhood with a visit to Toys-R-Us (where I spent most of my time in Barbie World, no matter how old I am I will always love Barbie) M&M World and a walk past The New York Times Building. For dinner we ventured off the Island to Williamsburg to hang with the hipsters and have dinner.

                             Times Square                                                             East 42nd and Vanderbilt                                                     Williamsburg

City Library

Let's just say that I knew that New York was an amazing place, however after day three I was completely enchanted, after a trip up the top of The Empire State Building I was gobsmacked! Never have I been quite so taken with a city, and I have been to quite a few, New York really is something else. It was a cloudy day, yet I could still see so much, Up Town, Down Town, Central Park, The World Trade Centers, The Chrysler, Madison Square Garden and so much more. From the Empire State we wandered up town to the Guggenheim to see Picasso: Black and White, got lost in Central Park (thought we were walking down towards the bottom of the park...ended up on the opposite side of the park and were helped by a lovely gentleman when Kate and myself were both looking at the map with very confused looks on our faces), drooled over the beautiful stores on Madison Ave, had a sticky beak at the houses off Madison Ave all decked out for Halloween (one had a security guard, to protect the decorations, too funny) fine dined in dirty converse sneakers and finished the day off with a trip up the top of the Rockefeller Tower...which was even more beautiful, seeing New York at night than during the day at The Empire State Building.

                      View from the Empire State                                                   Empire State Building                                                        Guggenheim

                                    Central Park                                      Lost in Central Park                                                    View from Rockefeller

Day four was a little less hectic and touristy, a day trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We shopped, wandered, ate and shopped some more. Exploring jewellery stores, my favourite discovery a little place called CatBird, thrift stores, boutiques and an epic trip to American Apparel...we are seriously ripped off in Australia, American Apparel is so damn cheap over there (I may have gone a little over the top with 'essentials'). Lunch was insane, I cant remember the name of the place, it was some dinky pizza place off Bedford Avenue, $3.25 a slice and I was in food heaven. Not a massive fan of pizza but oh my, this was beyond, fresh chunky tomato base with fresh mozzarella and basil all in a slice the size of my head! Wednesday night was spent on Broadway, reminiscing with one of my favourite childhood musicals, I lost my shit at Mary Poppins! It was wonderful, I struggled to refrain from singing at every opportunity, I forgot how much I adore a good musical. My lovely cultured day was followed buy a lovely, huge, tacky, dinner in Times Square. Tex Mex, burritos the size of my arm and margaritas the size of my head, a great combo and a great end to another full on day.


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