Friday, April 13, 2012


It has been that long it's not even funny since I was last in a studio shooting. I am so excited to be getting back in to it, dressing people in beautiful clothes is my idea of heaven. It is addictive and unfortunately when I chose to work full time something had to give, that I am afraid was my styling. Now that I am back at uni, working part time and actually able to have a life I am so excited to begin indulging in my first love, styling. Oh my, that makes me sound like such a lazy ass. I get that full time work is supposed to be what one does when they are grown up and responsible. My going back to uni could be seen as a lame excuse not to grow up, however I didn't love what I was doing for work. I was working a job that drained me of everything I had and I couldn't be happier heading back to study something that challenges me and excites me as well as letting me have the time to indulge in my passions.

Here are some of the concepts behind the shoot I will be styling in May.

Photos Source Unknown

I cant wait to see what we come up with as a finished product!

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