Friday, April 20, 2012

A little controversy...

Fashion really does love to push the boundaries of what society classes as 'appropriate' and 'acceptable'. At uni in my Media and Communication class we were looking at controversial advertising, and it struck me that every 'contreversal' ad that I could recall was related to a fashion campaign of some sort. And every 'contreversal' ad that I could remember made it in to the news and most of them ended up being banned. Not before they made their mark on society. It is clever when you think about it, make an ad that upsets some significant social group, have them confront you to take it down and get so much more press and media coverage than you would of ever gotten with a nice 'safe' ad.

I mean seriously, haven't all the parenting groups, religious groups, wrap society in cotton wool groups realised what the fashion labels are doing? I understand that many things are seen as taboo, I don't condone the sexualisation of children, harming others or ridiculing people for the sale of a product. But if you cant stop companies advertising in a contreversal way.

It is quite an interesting issue, I guess it intrigues me as it is mainly fashion companies who are pushing the boundaries of what society sees as 'acceptable' in regards to advertising.

Sisley: Fashion Junkie

Sisley: Shot by Terry Richardson

Marc Jacobs Lola featuring17yr old  Dakota Fanning: Banned for being too 'suggestive' 

United Colours of Beneton 'We On Death Row' shot by Oliviero Toscani : Benetton sued

Miu Miu Featuring 14 yr old Hailee Steinfeld: Banned for being dangerous, suggesting danger

Calvin Klein: Claims that this ad was too 'sexualised'  and featured an 'orgy'

United Colours of Benetton Priest and Nun: Sparked world wide controversy

Tom Ford: Shot by Terry Richardson

Disclaimer: The above are all MY opinions, I do not mean to offend anyone with what I have written. All photos have been sourced from Google

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