Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Women who rule the world

There are so many amazing and witty female blogger's out there taking over the world. These women are writing about fashion in a way which blows all fickle fashion stereotypes out of the water. They are clever, interesting and funny women who are writing about fashion, clothes and a lifestyle that many of us aspire to. Their blogs are a little peak in to their fabulous worlds.
I may be ever so slightly obsessed with Garance Dore and The Man Repeller. Traditionally morning reading was the news paper, mine is these two blogs. I cant function in the morning with out my daily dose. Lately those who follow Garance Dore have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak in to the fabulous world of Garance and her fabulous friends through the series she has filmed called 'Pardon My French'. The series follows Garance around during fashion week and gives us glimpses in to her world. They are defiantly worth a watch.
The other blog I cant live without is The Man Repeller. Man repelling fashion at its best. TMR plays such a significant role in my life, I am not sure what I would do with out her. Where else would I have discovered the 'Arm Party', 'Drop Crouch' and the epic art of layering to repel. TMR is funny, refreshing and if you haven't heard of her you have been living under a seriously huge unfashionable rock and should promptly fix this situation with some layering and drop crotch attire.
Try as she might, I will never be repelled by this amazing woman! Let the 'arm parties' and 'drop crotch' rule the world!

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