Thursday, March 20, 2014

And God Created Women

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival for their Grand Showcase, And God Created Women, the A/W 2014 collection launch for Camilla. I was thrilled to be invited as part of the media, one to tick of the ‘to do’ list, seated in prime second row position, perfectly placed to people watch (a lot of the time I find the crowd watching more enjoyable than the actual show).

There was Eva Longoria, who I didn't realise was there until being shoved out of the way by her posse as she entered, followed by a glowing, pregnant Megan Gale. A number of 'it' girls, a former Miss Universe, some bloggers and a flurry of fashion obsessed girls and boys. The show drew a crowd of over 1500 people.

As I was shown to my seat, excitement grew, there I was being personally escorted, to then sit upon my own Camilla cushion, struggling not to lose my cool and rummage through my goodie bag. I waited for the show to begin.

The lights went down, the crowed began their low excited hums and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra opened the show in a spectacular fashion. I was blown away, there they were, positioned along the back wall, all lights on them as they begin to play the epic soundtrack to what was sure to be an equally epic show.

The next minute Montana Cox opened the show followed by an army of models storming down the runway, in a flood of fierce, feminine, floral and embellishment. There was some serious eye candy to be seen, flowing kaftans, intricate jeweled details, skin, leg, body amour, topped off with some incredible head wear and ear cuffs.

I loved each look more than the last. There is no doubting the serious talent that Camilla Franks entails. She is a woman to be reckoned with and her collection showcased how women can be sexy, empowered and strong at the same time. It was a runway full of Aztec worrier princesses...which I desperately wanted to be a part of.

The styling was meticulous, thanks to a talented Mark Vassallo, the drama created with hair and makeup, by L’Oréal Professionnel VAMFF Hair Director Brad Ngata, working alongside L’Oreal Paris Make-up Director Elsa Morgan, was flawless.

It was a show, a spectacular performance, which I was happy to be a spectator. Perfectly accompanied by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, I really don't think a better pairing could have been made. I left wanting to go and spend all my hard earned money to fill my wardrobe with her pieces and to become one of her fierce, fearless worrier women. 

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