Friday, January 24, 2014


My first piece for Miss Greens Wardrobe, enjoy!

Two lovely little surprises arrived in my letterbox last week, frank coffee scrub and his limited edition buddy frank coconut and grapeseed oil coffee scrub.
I have seen this guy floating around Instagram and was happy to give him a whirl. An all-natural coffee scrub made from cold pressed almond oil, coffee, sugar and sea salt… YUM!
Frank Instagram
The packaging does claim that the scrub will target stretch marks, cellulite, dry and tired skin. Now, to be totally honest I am always very sceptical of any product that claims it can help with cellulite. Personally I don’t think there are any real treatments for cellulite, other than a healthy diet and exercise, even then if it’s a genetic thing over a lifestyle thing you may be stuck with it for ever.
Anyway, I was still keen to give this scrub a go, and my, oh my, it was delicious. From the beautiful packaging and cheeky instructions telling you to ‘get naked, get dirty, get rough and get clean’, to the wonderful aroma of coffee that filed my bathroom and covered my skin.
I got naked, dirty, rough and clean with frank.
As someone who is not a coffee person, I really loved the smell of the scrub, it was delicious. The texture was great and the whole process of scrubbing up with something that smelt good enough to eat was thoroughly enjoyable. My poor shower looked like it had never been cleaned, coffee scrub everywhere!
My skin felt so silky smooth once I was finished; the scrub has sweet almond oil which acts as a moisturiser. So once you’re all rinsed off there is no need to lather up with moisturiser as the oils do the job for you. My skin felt and smelt amazing all day. I loved it!
I also gave my sister some to have a try, (she is not a coffee drinker either) just to get her opinion. She liked the scrub, but found that as her body is not used to coffee and caffeine, just using the scrub on her skin was enough to increase her heart rate. It was more noticeable because she used it just before she went to bed and the caffeine hit her as her body is not used to coffee. So just a note to those non coffee drinkers, frank may get your heart racing.
Click here to check out frank for yourself.

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