Friday, December 14, 2012

Jelly of my Jellies

I am not one to jump on the 'trend' bandwagon. I am all for a good trend but I don't join in on a whim. I am not saying I'm not in to fashion that is in fashion, I just often find that 'trends' usually are better in my head than on my body. So I was quite surprised buy my own actions when I found myself whole heatedly jumping on board this one.

I must say, for such a fashion savvy city Melbourne has surprised me. I read an article in Grazia this week and these shoes are the most googled item to shop for in Melbourne. Previously appropriate for those under 12, the humble jelly sandal is having a massive moment. I mean massive to the point where I was ordering my clear glitter pair of Jellybeans and was notified that due to the massive demand, all styles were on back order and were to be expected to ship out mid December...a three week wait. A three week wait for a pair of plastic sandals, and I thought that was completely appropriate.

Not to be satisfied with one pair, on my lunch break 4 days after I ordered online. I walked past Dakota 501 on Chapel St, decided to pop in to say 'hi' to a friend. Came out with a hot pink pair of jellies. So not only have I joined the crazy bunch of 20 somethings that feel it is an appropriate fashion statement to wear shoes originally destined for children. I now have multiple options to choose from when I get dressed in the morning. While I know many will judge, boys will cringe, I will smile as I reminisce my childhood and rock my jellies with a grown up twist.

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