Monday, October 15, 2012

I watch you move & I can't think straight

Delayed and jumping on the bandwagon, Miranda Kerr is flawless for Russh. Not how we usually see Miranda, she is generally in glamorous, very high fashion editorials, but I really like her like this. I think this shoot shows her versatility as a model.
I read some criticism on this shoot, about it being too grunge and trying too hard. I will agree that lately I feel that Russh seems to be trying too hard to be 'cool', but give credit where credit is due. This shoot is breath taking, Miranda is amazing, Gillian Wilkins has done a wonderful job with the styling and Huge Lippe has created some really beautiful photographs.
That last shot is flawless, ACDC, Miranda Kerr two very influential Australian Icons.
Photos: fashiongonerogue

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