Saturday, September 29, 2012

They Came, They Saw, They Conquered!

They came, they saw they conquered! Once again the streets seem to be the place where all the real 'fashion' and 'style' happens. Bloggers, fashionistas, stylists, magazine editors, models and passers buy the people outside the shows who get the cameras snapping. Street style has really evolved, it now seems to be more of a sport that just getting dressed. Some of the outfits that are on show are insane, questionable,unique, amazing, flawless and just plain unusual. From the extravagant likes of Anna Dello Russo, the cute and cheeky Cara Delevingne, the power players such as Carine Roitfeld, the bloggers like Leandra Medine, Susie Bubble and Garance Gore.

There has been quite a bit of talk recently about weather street style has lost its originality, the New York Times posted an article which talks about the loss of originality with more of a commercial focus on street style. With brands giving people product to wear in return for those photographed advertising said product. That said, yes I think street style has evolved and a lot more people photographed are wearing designer items, mixed with designer items, not the high street, with vintage with a little designer as it was in the beginning. However, it still takes style to put pieces together in a unique way. Regardless I will still enjoy seeing blogs during fashion week full of street style photos, scrolling through and various other websites. I love a well dressed individual! These are my favourites from the past month.

I love everything about this outfit, especially the sunglasses and the shoes. It's cute, stylish and she looks effortlessly cool.

Christina, Christina, Christina! You are a god of epic proportion. That is all.
Taylor Tomasi-Hill, a yellow laced beauty.

I love this, overalls, a leather jacket, a laced high neck shit, so many good pieces all together.

It's a print orgasm. That is all.
I want everything she is wearing, the colours are divine, the shapes are delicious, she looks like an ice cream!

 Denim cutoffs = always a good idea
Perfect layering. And her under cut, I wish I was brave enough to try that one.
Hot. Nuff said...
It doesn't get much more glamorous than that!
This skirt is epic, that pleat detail is what fashion wet dreams are made off. She looks magnificent, its so cute and stylish. This is why I love street style for gems like this. Who ever she is, I am drooling at that ensemble.
Another ensemble that I am drooling over, who thought white lace could look cool?!
Giovanna Battaglia, god that woman's legs! And that jacket!
This print, I don't know what to say. It is perfect.
Print orgasm #2

As mentioned before, cut off denim is always a good idea, paired with a suspender shaped peplum, and a black vial, eeep. So chic!
All photos from shot by Tommy Ton

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