Friday, July 13, 2012

It's been a while...

Gosh, where has all of my time gone?! With exams and final assignments due, life getting in the way and a whole bunch of I'm not sure what, I seemed to have gotten completely distracted from my blog. I didn't expect that it would be such a commitment to try and keep posts up but the last few months have been HECTIC! Not in a bad way just in a life came and gave me a colourful serve kind of way.

So lets try to get back on with it...

Last weekend myself and seven of my girlfriends embraced the freezing Melbourne weather and held one heck of a stall at Camberwell Market. It was cold, it was dark, it was damp and it was hectic! We all braved the cold for a 5am start. Who would of thought that any one other than those setting up stalls would be crazy enough to be there at 5am.... Well apparently if you are 'hardcore' and want a bargain you will be there with your torch on your head haggling prices before we even get our stuff out of our cars!

This was the start, cleaning out my too full wardrobe of clothes that have not been worn in years! I find it really hard to part with anything I have spent money on, some call it hording, I call it love. None the less this shit needed to go and go it did.

We were well prepared for Melbourne to turn on the water works with out massive brolly, tarps and beanies. Luckily the sky refrained from opening up to pour down on us until we had packed everything up. How lucky is that? The drive home was very wet.

We all excelled in the 'spruking' department, hands down the busiest stall in our section... not sure if it was our goods attracting the attention or the sexy ladies running our stall.

I was one very happy chappy after... until I had to spend my earnings on my car service the week after. Considering the freezing weather, the turn out was great. We all pulled in a nice pile of cash and it was such a fun way to send a Sunday morning after having 3 hours of sleep! I didn't sell it all but managed to clean up the rest on eBay, there are still a few items I need to post if you wanna have a look... HERE!

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